Casual Water (2019)
Running Time: 56:37
A video essay that threads various points of view to tell the story of an abandoned country club. Through interviews and multiple digressions, personal histories begin to reshape an initial view of the landscape. What starts as a microcosmic study of a few acres morphs into larger themes regarding sense of place, fragility of memory and the impermanence of natural spaces.
Directed by Jacob Koestler
Featuring Bill Barrow, Kay Davis, Tina Katz, Roy Larick, Fran Mentch & Rick Peacock
Movement / Dance by Tara Jordan
Music by
Bbob Drake, Cloudy JB, Matthew Gallagher, NRML GRL & Rural Carrier
Second Camera by Noelle Richard
Virtual Golf Course Sequence by Ben Grossi
Photographic Works by Joseph Minek
Title & Credits by Alex Arthur
Production Assistance by Sam Butler, Dana Cassidy, Emily Flory, Nate Rouse &
Leah Trznadel
Poster by Anna Tararova