The Dormant Language of Love
A short documentary that chronicles the Brood X cicada emergence and their brief, amorous mating cycle which happens only once every 17 years.
Strange Devotion
An art book and exhibition that exhumes the Appalachian Gothic tradition to examine the often-misunderstood nuances of past and present life in the Rust Belt.
Strawberry Forever
A short documentary profiling one man’s struggle with aphasia, a language disorder sustained from a traumatic brain injury. This visual portrait recounts 50 years of coping with losing the promising life before his accident.
Sell Me A Cow
A short documentary highlighting a single day at the Oklahoma National Stockyards, where the hypnotic chants of cattle auctioneers fill the exchange floor from dawn into the night. This time-honored ritual is just as much spectacle as it is a monument to competitive commerce.
Casual Water
A video essay that threads various points of view to tell the story of an abandoned country club. Through interviews and multiple digressions, personal histories begin to reshape an initial view of the landscape. What starts as a microcosmic study of a few acres morphs into larger themes regarding sense of place, fragility of memory and the impermanence of natural spaces.
Go Away Everywhere
Shot entirely on VHS and edited in-camera, this odyssey is a guide on how to disappear in the lobbed-off mountains of post-industrial America.
Bad Weather
A short experimental film about an existential journey to the White Sea. On an island, just past the human peripheral, we find a disillusioned mermaid who has cast a spell to destroy the world that has forgotten her.